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Common Questions asked to Sirens Boatworks from US customers…

Proudly serving our American neighbors for the last 10 years! With our shop located 30 minutes from the US border (Ogdensburg). It may be much easier than expected to get us working on your woody.

We are available for any questions, requests or estimates for all of your wooden boat needs.
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Q: Can you work on my boat in Canada?


Q: What is the procedure with respect to getting my boat into Canada to be worked on?
For boats coming into Canada by trailer:
  • Before coming to Canada, we will issue you a written estimate and work order, detailing why the boat is coming across the border.
  • Bring a written statement detailing your boat’s approximate $ value before and after the work is completed. Be sure to detail the boat’s make / model / serial number on this statement.
  • At the border coming into Canada, you present this paperwork to the Canada Customs Border Agent
    The agent will have you complete a form E29B, which is a “Temporary Admission Permit”
  • One the work is completed; you advise the Canadian Border that the boat is going back to the US. They make record of that the boat is leaving
  • There are NO duties or tariffs to be paid
For boats coming into Canada by water
  • 30 minutes before getting to Canadian Customs dock, your boat operator calls CanPass at 1888 226 7277 for customs procedures.
  • Once cleared into the country, the agent will proceed as above with the form E29B.
  • Same exit procedure

Q: What is the procedure for getting my boat back into the US?
  • You take all the above mentioned Canadian paperwork with you to the US border.
  • US duties and / or tariffs may apply depending how much work was done, the type of work done, etc. Contact the US Customs office for implication for your specific situation.

Q: How are quotations / estimates done?

The first step is to contact us at 613 661 6964. Our quotation process will vary on the type of work you’d like us to quote on. Typically we’d like to see any Marine Surveys; and pictures of the area needing attention.

Q: How do I get progress updates?
  • The first thing we do upon arrival of the boat is to validate that our estimate was reflective of the work to be done.
  • You will be notified of any ‘surprises’ we may find as we get into the work.
  • Regular e mail updates will be sent
  • You can contact us at any time by phone.

Q: Can I get my boat to your shop from the water?
  • Yes. We are located in Merrickville Ontario on the Rideau Canal system. (
  • The canal system operates mid May to mid October
  • The transit fee varies. Contact:

There are restrictions

  • Max length: 90’
  • Max draft: 4’
  • Max Vertical clearance: 22’
  • Max Beam: 26’

We have a travel lift on site.

Q: Will I have to pay CDN taxes?

Yes. You will pay the Goods & Services Tax (GST) 13%

Q: Will I have to pay duty to get the boat into or out of Canada?


Q: Will I have to pay duty to get the boat back into the US?

Contact US Customs

Q: Does the boat need to be on a dedicated trailer? IE: Can I ship a boat to you on a hydraulic trailer and you put on blocks / stands?

No, the boat does not need to be left here on a trailer. We can sit the boat on stands and blocks.

Q: Will my boat be stored inside or outside?

Ideally all of our work is completed with the boat in the shop. We have a large storage tent that is used to stage our winter’s work.

Q: Do I need insurance on my boat?

Yes, the boat must be insured.

Q: Will you bill me in US dollars?

No, our billing will be in Canadian Dollars.

Q: What exchange rate will apply?

The exchange rate is not within our control. This is the customers responsibility. You can calculate the current exchange rate below:

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